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The Nzema-Manle Rural Bank Ltd originally known as the Nzema

Evalue Awiebo Rural Bank Ltd, whose registered office is now at Aiyinasi in the Ellembele District of Ghana, was incorporated on 14th July, 1980 but commenced banking operations on 3rd April, 1981 with the late Mr. J. A. Quainoo as the first Chairman of the Board of Directors. The name of the bank was changed from Nzema Evalue Awiebo Rural Bank Ltd to Ellembelle Rural Bank Ltd on 23rd March, 1983 and then to the current name on 7th October, 1983. The bank presently has seven agencies at Awiebo, Aiyinasi, Asasetre, Axim, Boinso, Jema and Elubo.

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