These are short term loans to farmers in the Bank’s catchment area.
Beneficiaries should be farmers engaged in active cocoa farming, who channel their farm proceeds through the Bank. To be eligible for the credit one need to operate an Nzema Manle Current Account for at least three (3) months. Loans shall be disbursed to applicants within 10 days provided applications are approved and ratified where applicable.
All loans shall be properly appraised and evaluated by the Credit Department.


Farmers’ Cocoa Loan Facility

  • Duration of loans shall not be more than 12 months (February to August) with a maximum grace period of seven months. However, long-term loans shall be granted at the discretion of the Board
  • Farmers’ loans shall attract a cash lien of 20% of the loan amount. Loan repayment period is from September to December. Loan repayment shall be on installment basis
  • Purpose of loan is farm maintenance
  • At least one (1) acceptable customer who shall guarantee for the loan with his/her cocoa farm
  • Assignment of cocoa farm (provide Cocoa Pass Book as evidence of farm ownership)
  • Extension of loan’s duration shall be granted upon the Credit Department’s detailed evaluation of borrowers’ requests



  • Loan insured as fire and disability
  • Easy and Convenient, repayment on Maturity
  • Simple to arrange
  • Interest is easy to calculate
  • Gives you a lot of flexibility
  • Easy to Access