Nzema Manle e-Susu Savings Account is targeted at traders in the market centers who desire the convenience of having their daily sales or proceeds collected from their shops, business offices, stalls, etc. through the use of Mobile Bankers. The service comprises offsite cash collection, cheque deposits and account opening. Having an e-Susu Savings Account is a pre-requisite for the e-Susu Loan Account.



  • Applicants should be in active business
  • Applicants should operate an e-Susu Savings Account for at least three (3) months before being eligible for the loan
  • Each applicant shall be assessed on his/her own merit
  • Applicants shall be assessed for credit by the Bank’s e-Susu Coordinators or the Credit Officers



  • Free Service Charge
  • Flexible daily loan repayment
  • Electronically generated Deposit Slip, issued instantly
  • Access to SMS Alert
  • Access to free Business Advisory Services