Savings account opened with remittance proceeds is called Nzema Manle GH-Save Account.
It is a hybrid of current and savings account for individuals living abroad but needs to cater for other obligations in Ghana such as monthly stipend for their aged relatives or parents or even to pay for relations school fees or to save for some other projects. Savers just need to send monies directly into this account through Western Union, Vigo or MoneyGram as and when necessary.



  • With as little as GHS 500.00 you open GH-Save Account
  • Source of funds into this account subsequently can be from any genuine venture
  • Interest paid on the account is double the normal savings rate
  • Account holders can request for ATM card
  • Account holder enjoys Nzema Manle SMS Alert
  • Senders can wire monies directly into this account for the beneficiary to access at will



  • Minimum Initial Deposit is GHS 500.00
  • Minimum Operating Balance is GHS 500.00
  • Currency, GHS
  • Nzema Manle Rural Bank provides you with a Savings Withdrawal Book/Cheque Book
  • The Customer has access to U-Connect Mobile Banking App to access statements
  • No COT or service charge on the account