An account designed to enable individuals to save money and earn interest on the cash held in the account.

Salaried Advance

This is one (1) month overdraft facility granted to an employee who collects his/her salary through the bank. A commission of 10% shall be charged on amount granted. However, advance should not exceed employee’s next paycheck when outstanding commitment has been deducted. Repayment shall be made within or at the end of the month upon receipt of the applicant’s salary.

  • A customer can enjoy this facility even if the customer has been granted a loan facility which is being repaid
  • Instant, quick and easy with no guarantors


Salaried Workers’ Loan

Nzema Manle Salaried Worker Loans are granted to employees who collects their salaries through the Bank. The employee is to operate with the Bank for at least three (3) months to qualify for salaried worker’s loan. The employer shall undertake to pay employee’s salaries direct to the Bank while he/she remains in employment.

  • Loan shall be repaid on monthly installment basis
  • At least two (2) salaried workers who collect their salaries through the Bank shall guarantee the loan
  • Loan duration is eighteen months